Wednesday, October 24, 2012


When election time rolls around I never fail to find something amazing at every turn.  This year, my amazement goes back and forth between two things -- the gullibility of anyone who would vote for Romney and the chameleon like changes he makes every time he feels something else would be more advantageous.

I am so glad that my children are old now and I don't have to explain how someone in such an elevated position can change their story - lie - whenever it suits them. How would I do that? I'm having trouble figuring it out myself in my 64 year old mind.

But even worse, it seems like everyone sort of glosses over it, like they expect it from him or something. Then, they explain it in some twisted manipulation of the language to show that that's not what he really said. I am at a loss. Are the American public really that stupid? Do they really believe him?  Do they think they can believe him if he gets in office? Or am I in some alternate universe and none of this is real?  I sure hope so.

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